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Dynamic Linked Data for the Development of Interoperable Web of Things Applications

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Title: Dynamic Linked Data for the Development of Interoperable Web of Things Applications
Description: The development of Internet of Things applications requires interoperable solutions at different levels, from low level communication to data analysis and reasoning (e.g., Things may use different protocols and represent data in different formats). This talk introduces Dynamic Linked Data (DLD) as enabling technology for the development of distributed, interoperable, context-aware and Web based applications in the Internet of Things (IoT) domain and in particular with reference to the Web of Things (WoT) model. DLD extends Linked Data (i.e., the technologies behind the Semantic Web) to deal with dynamic environments like the ones envisioned by IoT.  After providing a background on the Semantic Web, the IoT and the WoT, the talk introduces DLD and presents SEPA (SPARQL Event Processing Architecture) as DLD reference architecture.

BIO: Luca Roffia holds a PhD in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Bologna and is a Research Fellow and Adjunct Professor of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering within the same University. He has been running BSc and MSc courses on "Computer Architecture" and "Information Technology and Arts Organizations". His main research interest is to investigate interoperable solutions within the Linked Data and Web of Things domains. He has been involved in several Italian and EU projects around cultural heritage, embedded systems, cyber-physical systems, IoT and smart systems. He is the principal investigator of SEPA (SPARQL Event Processing Architecture) and also active on the technology transfer in vertical domains like smart cities, cultural heritage and agriculture.

Local: UFABC Campus Santo André, Bloco A, Room 107-0.
Date: 13/05/2019 
Hour: 14h00
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