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Palestra 1: Dr. Stenio Fernandes (AI Platform Team Manager - Element AI - Canadá) - Inteligência Artificial: da Teoria à Prática

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Stenio Fernandes
Título: From Research to Production: Solving hard problems while advancing on AI Modelling

Stenio Fernandes is one of the leaders in the AI Platform group at Element AI in Montreal, Canada. He is leading a team of Applied Research Scientists and AI Developers in the context of Time-dependent problems, such as Time Series Forecasting, Anomaly Detection, Spatio-Temporal modelling, and Concept Drifting. Element AI (EAI) models have been applied to several problems to different industry verticals, such as Capital Markets, Retail, Cybersecurity, Manufacturing, Insurance, and Transportation and Logistics. Currently, Stenio's team is fine-tuning EAI's state-of-the-art models on time series forecasting and making them viable to integrate into EAI products and services' portfolio. He provides technical, strategic, and intellectual leadership to all team members. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science (UFPE) with Post-Doctoral experience conducted at the University of Ottawa, Canada. He is an IEEE Senior Member and a certified Project Management Professional - PMP. As a former Professor of Computing Science, he was involved in dozens of scientific research projects in Brazil (UFPE) and Canada (University of Ottawa and Carleton University). He published more than 140 scientific research papers in major peer-reviewed conferences and journals. His citation indexes are: h-index = 18, i10-index = 30.

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